May. 29th, 2017

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Only one more episode of "The Leftovers" to go. I like the discussion in the Times about it:

Whatever happens, it’ll undoubtedly unfold in an hour filled with sharp turns that will feel like a complete story in and of itself. And the show is likely to continue to use the metaphors of religious fervor and the end times to examine how we cope with loss.


As I suspect will be even more evident next week, this show has always been about how everyday emotional devastation can feel like an apocalypse.

This series might stick with me as one that I can watch again and again. I have thought other shows might do that for me, but only Martin Sheen's "West Wing" might actually stick, but even this is doubtful - too goody goody. The entrancing admixture of dream-like weirdness with the conflict between our old Christian faith and contemporary materialism that seems to propel "The Leftovers" might keep me hooked.

I remember when I gave up on the show after season one, but that was because I was upset that it wasn't sexual - no tits & ass. I guess it was during one of my more febrile periods, perhaps when I did not have a good porn website for my masturbatory fix. I am glad that I gave the show another shot, and I hope that this isn't just a short-lived infatuation. I could use a good series in my collection of re-watchables, absorbing a lot of hours of TV watching that can carry me over a couple of dozen meals.



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