Jun. 19th, 2017

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They are short-leashing the dog behind the shed these days. Like they did in the early years. He no longer gets excited when I go to him. He simply lies there, as though it is not worth the trouble of getting up for my finger-pettings through the wooden planks of the fence. At first, I took it personally. But then I realized that it might be his old age. I doubt that he is much more than ten years old, but considering the beaten down life he has been forced to live, he could be aging prematurely. Perhaps there is some consolation in that. Dying may be the sweetest experience that dog has ever had.

The sweetest experience at least since arriving at that household. It occurs to me that the dog might have been at least 9 months old then, being a big dog already, which means that he likely enjoyed a good puppyhood and mid-adolescence. That would help to account for his good and lively spirits, that he had exuded until lately, despite what he has been subjected to next door. A good childhood will do a lot for you, even when adult life proves hard and punishing. That is a consolation, too.


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