Jun. 6th, 2017

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Jun. 6th, 2017 05:55 pm
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Maybe I need a jump rope...

Coming out of my afternoon nap, I worked through about a dozen moves on a chess game, Tarrasch vs. Thorold (Manchester 1890), but I couldn't shake off that heavy grogginess. That's when I thought a little light exercise might serve me well. But do I really need to buy something? Just a little jogging in place should work, no? And, boy, was I surprised at how difficult I found that task to be. It is a lot harder than walking. This must be what 50 feels like. It leads me to think that going out for a walk is truly minimal exercise indeed and is perhaps unworthy of the name. Old people, fat people shouldn't be misled into thinking that it is much of a help to take a little walk. You really do need to jog or something more kinetic. Bouncing my feet up and down with some rapidity is jolting enough that just this bit of physical effort should wake me up. It did help. Yet, as that cruel line goes: probably only a bullet can really clear out that fluff in my head. Not that I am ready to go to that extreme. I can still take pleasure in the life of the mind, even with a brain this miswired and foggy as mine - if only my vision would stop deteriorating.


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