Sep. 23rd, 2017

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To think how I used to loathe five o'clock mornings. Now I rather miss them. With age it apparently gets worse. Now, when I get up, for a bathroom run and a cat-check, after only two or three hours of sleep, I often cannot fall back asleep. Oh, I'll resist this wakefulness for about an hour, turning from one side of the bed to the other, never able to find that sweet spot of slumberous comfort.

Once I accept the inevitable and get up, my routine is ready to make the best of it. My little stack of poetry books and my decks of cards lay ready for my daily ministrations. And once I am fully up and alert, I welcome the extra session of poetry and Solitaire, nothing sweeter, although I know I will pay for it in the morning with a late sleep, cutting into my time with Lincoln.

And, yeah, there are the eats and some TV. The movie "Claire in Motion" might be good. It's not porn. A mathematician's husband goes missing on a hike. If it doesn't float my boat, then I'll just watch the shoot-out between the Rams and the 49ers again.

I now see the hours as being like ocean waves, and you just have to catch them the best you can.

* * *

This proved to be a little different. When I went back to bed, at about seven-thirty, I couldn't wake up and get out of bed, but kept falling back asleep. I finally got up at ten-thirty to check out what all the noise was out back: the next-door neighbor doing lawn work. I would have gone back to bed, feeling as groggy as I did, but I was starving, and this woke me up into action, throwing some chicken into the oven and officially starting my day.

But it's late, almost noon, and I am not going to meet Lincoln at all this morning. I hated standing him up: we are so close to the end of volume one.
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For a moment, I thought the New York Times was getting more serious about its pay wall. I was wondering if I should buy a subscription, but then I realized that the answer is 'no'. I no longer have my Maureen Dowd crush. I no longer find its opinion writers, in general, to be that compelling. The only thing I would miss is the book reviews, but when it comes to books, my main problem is not having enough time for all the books that I already would like to read, rather than getting to hear of new books coming out. No, I am ready to let the Times fall out of my life.
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Breaking the quietness of night, the screech of tires of a speeding car. It sounds like the car might have jumped the curb and perhaps just made contact with a streetlight. It sounded a little like a screeching cat in pain. They quickly pulled out and sped away. Maybe I will go out and take a look in the morning.


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