Sep. 19th, 2017


Sep. 19th, 2017 11:03 am
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With all the rain we took this summer, I got lazy about protecting that strip of lawn around the patio and to the gate. But I gave it a drink this morning, and I'll probably take care of the trees tonight. That will probably be it for the year. The lawn should go dormant, no? We're coming into October pretty fast. I hope so, because that is the plan I am working off of. A little autumnal rain would be reassuring.
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The Kansas City Chiefs are looking kind of super this year. They opened the season by defeating the Super Bowl champions, the Patriots, and they took over the game this week against the Eagles. It looks like they have a budding superstar with that Hunt running back. If I could follow only one team this year and must choose today, I'd definitely go with the Chiefs. The Cowboys got crushed by the Broncos on Sunday; so, that's looking disappointing.

I was thinking that Pop might have a long season in front of him, being solely interested in the Boys. However, the Broncos, I take it, are a very strong team, a likely Super Bowl candidate. So, the Cowboys might still be contenders to make it into the play-offs, and if they do, the field at that time might look quite different, and like they say, on any given Sunday...


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