Sep. 16th, 2017


Sep. 16th, 2017 09:15 am
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"Monk, Monk, don't you get tired of just ordering cards in their suits, over and over and over again, and shuffle, shuffle, shuffle?"

Sometimes I do regret that I could not keep up my interest in putting jigsaw puzzles together. There is, in that, I suppose, a little more to show for one's efforts. I really do like my framed puzzle-pictures. But, for me at least, that becomes mostly about failing to put things together, all the missed connections, and that feels to me like all the life I have lived. I don't need the grief. My life has more than enough failure in it already.

And, after all, it is just a side-activity, these simple games of Solitaire. Though, I confess, I sometimes wish that I could just pitch a tennis ball against a wall and catch it in a baseball glove, like when I was a kid. Watching baseball games over the summer put that idea back in my head. I think I am still physically able to manage it, too. But that's probably just another bit of silliness.

Solitaire is fine. I can always just read more, or even write more, if I have that much more energy to play around with.


Sep. 16th, 2017 04:20 pm
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Wow, this is so weird. Trump now says he won't pull out of the Paris accord on climate change, after all. It was reported, after the turn around on immigrants, that Trump was thrilled with the positive press coverage that he received on that. Maybe he really cannot get enough praise now, preferring to be the hero rather than the goat in mainstream society. It is as though he has learned that, rather than trying to beat them with taunts of 'Fake news', it is a far better thing to join them. One person tweeted, "At this pace, Trump will be endorsing Medicare for All by Halloween." But, man, what about his fire-eating base with their burning MAGA caps?? It's like Scrooge on Christmas morning. Or is it?


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