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Now that was a storm! If the ground had not been so dry, I'd probably be looking out at a lake and a pond, the back yard and the front. It fell with a full-throated roar, too, so that even Ash did not dither about coming inside the house this time. The wrath of God can sound like a very big dog.

Pop got caught in it, making it back home not long after the storm started. He didn't want to leave the car. I didn't think anything of it at first. He might be talking to somebody on the phone (better, for me, in the car than in the kitchen!) or playing around online. But after about fifteen minutes, I decided to call him on his cellphone myself.

"Don't you have an umbrella in the car?"

"It's in the trunk."

"That's great, Pop."

He is prepared to wait it out longer, but I come out in my long coat and bring him an umbrella. He also had some groceries that I carried. With all this father-son bonding, I'm feeling kind of married, in a sexless old-couple kind of way.
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