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Lorie came over. That means the bar is open. And it's not just beer or wine, but they hit the hard liquor, the whiskey, like they are in their early 20s in college and just discovering drunkenness, one of the last rites of passage to adulthood.

But they are in their 70s now. Maybe they just like it.

It might not be so bad if they were in their 40s or 50s. They would be merely annoying then. At this point, though, I cannot help fearing that Pop might never come back from it, that he won't have to worry about waking up with a hangover, that maybe he just won't wake up, ever, as I find him on the bathroom floor.

It is with this in my mind, as I am getting my dinner in the kitchen, with them sitting at the table, of course, drinking

that Lorie asks me to take her phone number and give her a call when Pop dies, like it's just an ordinary favor. I try to treat it straight. 'Yeah, sure, sure, just give me a card or something.' But she keeps pressing the issue, repeating herself, wanting something, apparently, more reassuring from me.

At one point, I stop playing nice.

"Why care now? The way to show you care would be to stop encouraging Pop to drink so heavily." This actually leads to a bit of an argument. She says to Pop, who can barely keep from sliding off his chair, "He blames me!" I try to repair that provocative piece of 'reality construction'. I say, "It's not about blame. You're adults: you can do what you want. But why act like you care so much, even as you toast him into his grave!?"

I suppose I struck a chord. This could have gotten nastier. For one thing, although Pop is barely conscious, he could have gone against me. Lorie was certainly trying to lead him that way, but Pop actually fixes on a key point: that she was the one who had to get all emotional about wanting to be called when he dies. And this eases us past this awkward episode.

I feel touched. I know how much he likes Lorie, and it is not always that he is on my side.


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