Jul. 11th, 2017


Jul. 11th, 2017 09:26 am
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“I don’t do drafts, I just noodle forever, and the word processor is ideal for endless noodling.”

-- Luc Sante

~ ~ ~

“Isn’t that what life is, after all? Missing something that’s right there before you?”

-- William Gaddis

~ ~ ~

"If our reality is a computer simulation, then clearly the overlord left their laptop open and their cat is mashing the keyboard."

-- Melissa Martin

~ ~ ~

"I don’t know what writers of stories, novels and essays eventually discover for themselves, but I can say that sooner or later poets figure out that there are no new ideas, only the same old ones — and that nobody who loves poetry reads it to be impressed, but to experience and feel and understand in ways only poetry can conjure."

-- Matthew Zapruder
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"Reduced choice beef"? That doesn't sound very appetizing. Pop came home with some discount steaks. It looks a lot like the real thing. Well, I am sure it will do. It's probably better than a hamburger, right? And I need a break from chicken. I just wouldn't choose it for myself. I prefer mystery in art rather than in my meat.


Jul. 11th, 2017 10:04 pm
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I was mowing the front. Quite a bit of cloudiness above, but I didn't think anything of it, except that I was little lucky in it, as it cooled the weather a tad. Then the winds started whipping up. What the fuck! Rain? a storm? That's impossible. It might as well snow in Hell. Looking up, I am a little stunned and impressed to see a clear broad rainbow arching above between the clouds. I cannot recall ever seeing a rainbow before a rain, but there it was, one of the grandest ones I ever saw, and moments later fell the rain.

* * *

"You want to go out, huh?" I say to the cats. They rush to the door, showing that they really can understand me, but only when they want to. The sky is fairly clear, and the rain didn't amount to more than another summer shower. If only for some peace & quiet, I gladly let them go out, let them annoy the neighborhood dogs and birds for a change.


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