Jun. 15th, 2017

My Life

Jun. 15th, 2017 10:03 am
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It feels like my brain is sloshing around in a pan of alcohol. And I don't even drink! In the past, I simply referred to this as a groggy state, but now that it seems to be a somewhat permanent condition, it deserves a more considered characterization. I suppose it is part of my 'old man' stage of life. It makes reading, and concentration in general, a lot harder. This probably means that I will be dozing or sleeping a lot more. I am my mother's son in this as well.

I can hear her say, "I've been dead for 17 years, and I still get blamed for everything!"

Not everything.

"Almost everything."

Well, you are hardly dead. Dead, dead. A lot of you still lives in me and Jack, and perhaps a little bit in Jack's kids. As they say, our relationship has only changed, as relationships always do.

"So you can have somebody to blame for your problems."

What is family for?

"That is very pretty music you are listening to. What is it?"

Beethoven's "Silence" and Chopin's "Spring Waltz". What do you know, there is more in the world than Brahms's "Lullaby".

"And more than Elvis, too"

LOL Yeah, more than Elvis.

"You don't listen to him anymore?"

Not lately. My mood for Elvis music comes and goes, and it is more gone than not these days. But I still like to listen to him sometimes.

"Well, I think I better go."

But the cock is not crowing.


Nothing. I am pretty sleepy myself. Goodnight, mother.


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