May. 4th, 2017


May. 4th, 2017 07:29 pm
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My day got short-circuited. Pop left for another stay-over at Kay's. I'm not complaining, of course, but --

"But you got over-excited again. Another 5-hour wank?"

Only four hours this time.

"Ah, you are becoming more self-disciplined, I see."

Surprise, surprise, it was still enough to fry my brain and blow apart my comfortable daily routine. At least I am knocking out that shave that I have been neglecting.

As for self-discipline, I really do wish I could keep this wankery down to an hour. The problem is that Motherless is the real motherlode of rape-porn. So, I feel committed to examining as much of the stock as I can. I could spend years in there, I think, and not run out of happy trails to pursue.

Damn, if only I had this Internet porn in the 90s, when I was in my twenties and making do with"Oui" and "Swank" magazines, as well as the bland videos of local retail outlets. And Internet porn doesn't cost me any money! Funny world.


May. 4th, 2017 08:30 pm
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Drying off after my shower, I see a Purina commercial. They have a "Pro Plan" dog food, and one of its bags features a perfect picture of Bo. I have it frozen on my TV-screen now. Man ... my buddy. I did not have Internet porn in the 90s, but I did have a best friend, and I am doubtlessly the better for that. I just wish that I could remember our life together better. It's the damnedest thing. It is as though I have a psychological block as regards Bo. There is an odd lack of clarity and strength in my memory of him. As I have said before, it is as though he was a part of me in some other life, a past life, or maybe something I just dreamed about one night. I wonder if maybe this block protects me from breaking down and becoming an inconsolable sobbing wreck.

My Hair

May. 4th, 2017 11:46 pm
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Thinking about my gray hair, as it is freshly washed and dry, it occurs to me that my hair is probably grayer than Pop's now, since he presumably darkens his.

I have no wish to darken mine. I would like to get it cut, though. One of the reasons why I was thinking about my hair is that I am due for a haircut. I'm hoping to catch Pop in a good mood to give me ten bucks to ease the financial burden of the operation. But maybe I should just be thankful for being given carte blanche on the air-conditioner and just take the cost of the haircut on the chin.


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