Apr. 17th, 2017

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I finished a batch of Old Journal entries from 1994 and posted them in the Three Journal. I then had a hard debate with myself about writing some of them out for my little 'carry around' notebooks. I seriously doubt that I can work up the will to do that. Handwriting that material for just a more convenient medium now seems like too much time and energy at this point in my life.

However, I still like having these notebooks. I don't read them like I used to. I no longer carry one around with me all the time. Yet, these little notebooks still wonderfully serve one useful purpose: they are great to have on hand when I am out of the house, including when I am mowing the lawn, which is when I actually read them the most, during my little breaks. Having nothing else on hand to read, I still love reading them, and some entries can still pull on my heartstrings. The thing is, though, I have a dozen filled out, and they are enough to last me the rest of my life, especially since I rarely get out of the house that much. There is not the incentive for me to sit down and keep filling out new notebooks.

Nevertheless, with this issue still fresh on my mind, I have found another way to add to my collection of notebooks. While I was reading Blumenthal's "Clinton Wars", I came across a wonderful single-line quotation of Hillary talking about Bill and his ability to work with ambiguity. I had been following the policy of forgoing quote-hunting during my reading sessions, especially when it comes to books that I am inclined to reread anyway. However, I can only reread so many books so often, and there are some quotes, short ones even, that I'd really like to get. I then had my 'light bulb' moment and put two and two together: why not pull out a little notebook and add to my store of favorite quotes? I simplified matters by deciding that there was no necessity to post and print it for my Three Journal. I can save that for my old journal entries. I just want something quick and great to read when I am away from my books and computers.


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