Apr. 11th, 2017


Apr. 11th, 2017 09:06 am
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I must be more worried about the air-conditioner this summer than I thought. I had a bad dream about it. But mother was in it.

It's a hot day, and it's definitely time to put on the a-c. But it won't come on. Pop just trots away. Mother tells me that it must be broken. I know this is bullshit. My temper and emotions quickly escalate into the red zone. I am demanding the air-conditioner. She leads me to one set of controls behind a wall that I never knew existed. But this doesn't do anything. Mother and I go at it again, and then she leads me to another set of controls that are hidden beneath the floor. And I start to work on those.

I am not sure if these controls work either, because that is when I wake up. But I am doubtful that my dream resolves itself happily. It brilliantly recaptures some of the humiliations of my life under mother and pop. I felt like I was thirty again. Pop isn't that bad, or rather he wasn't that game-sy about it, not possessing that sort of devilish cleverness. That was almost all mother. With that bit of mean-spiritedness that she liked to let go on me.

"The weather hasn't been that hot."

Hmm? Oh, no, it hasn't. Under this little rain-system, it has even been a bit cool, a rather dreamy April, to tell you the truth.

I think the dream was inspired by Pop's adventure last night with Dish Network. We had lost our Showtime and Starz channels. Pop was ready to lose some channels, but there was some confusion between them on the deal that Pop was trying to make. The experience brought home to me that we might be in some serious trouble, that maybe Pop has finally reached the end of his magical credit line that had seemed to know no end. And, of course, the situation with the air-conditioner, especially in April and May, is always near and dear to my heart.


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