Apr. 5th, 2017

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"Wow, you didn't put on your laptop until after ten tonight."

I almost decided to skip it altogether.

I was hell-bent on finishing "Joseph and His Brothers" today, the whole tetralogy. I received Blumenthal's "Clinton Wars" today, and I am surprised by how eager and enthusiastic I am to get to it.


Sooo ... what?

"How did you like Mann's super-novel?"

Oh, yeah, he came through. He keeps his title, the magician. As a work of art, I think it is a better job than his "Doctor Faustus", for instance. But it still can be a long haul through the desert in its own way, though. I feel kind of doubtful that I will ever get around to reading it, even if I make it into my sixties. Not because it isn't worth rereading. But because it's a big commitment and there are so many other things to read. But I don't know. It really is beautiful.


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