Apr. 2nd, 2017

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That was scary. I was walking normally, getting ready to take the trash out before going to bed, not wanting to risk dealing with it in the morning when the weather might be nasty. All of a sudden, crippling pain. Walking was not a possibility. Hopping on one foot maybe, but not walking. It was as though a bone broke. Something that serious, and something that might not just go away on its own. Could it be diabetes? Is this what happens before a diabetic has to go to the hospital and have his foot amputated? I was scared.

However, after an hour, I am more optimistic about this going away, like, maybe I will wake up in the morning and be fine after all. Did I strain something? But it's not as though I took an awkward step or twisted my foot. In any case, I am reminded not to take things for granted. My life might be shit in a lot of ways, but it's not that bad. I ought to appreciate what I have, even if that doesn't include respect and love and friends and money and sex and and and...


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