Mar. 14th, 2017


Mar. 14th, 2017 02:38 pm
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In a discussion on our mainstream cereals, Sugar said, "American cereal is a window directly into the rotting, sugar-drenched heart of their nation."
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Congressman Steve King tweeted, “We can’t restore our civilization with somebody else’s babies.”

A fellow traveler going by the moniker Wife With a Purpose responds, "Steve King rightly says we can't restore our nation w/someone else's babies! I'm issuing a white baby challenge!I've made 6, match or beat me!"

She does have a very lovely picture, if that is a picture of herself.
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J. Burton tweets, 'America is a nation — a people united by polity and history. It's not an "idea" or an "experiment" or a flophouse for the world's indigent. Our founders didn't create a "homeland for all." They created a homeland for themselves and their posterity.'
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"You were about to give up on us, weren't you?"

My intention was to quit. Outright. Keep my life simple! And then make it even simpler. I was feeling overwhelmed by the silliness of this pseudo-banter, inclined to think it was a sign of mental illness, brain degeneration.

And maybe it is.

However, in the ensuing silence of my day, I could feel the emptiness without this. Like there is something real in it. It is as though the exercise of taking a minute to frame experience in sentences somehow gives it more weight. Maybe it feels more social.

Maybe it is an odd trick of mind that this should be true. Or maybe it is just the oddity of my own brain.

"So, you are going to stick with it? We can go on with our knock-knock jokes?"

Yup. My days are too light and need what fortification I can give them.

"Cards and Solitaire are not everything?"

LOL Not everything, but close.


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