Mar. 5th, 2017

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Man, the Internet really seems to be changing.

"What, no porn?"

Fortunately, that is still the same.

But the big mainstream websites are getting tougher about lurking. I'm checking in at Facebook for InsaneJournal updates about their downtime, and their notice to log in now blocks us out completely. They used to be simply annoying, keeping an obtrusive banner on the bottom of the page prompting you to log in.

Then there was the recent experience about trying to get into my antique Yahoo account. It is looking like they won't let me in unless I give then a phone number. This is not long after Twitter insisted that I give up my number to be able to use my newly created account.

"So, give them your fucking number! How hard does this have to be?"

Even if I wanted, I think only a mobile Internet phone will do, which means getting Pop's cooperation, since I never got on that bandwagon, having no real need for a phone. And I really don't feel up to that. I'd rather do without.

I'm even willing to lose my Yahoo account, if it comes to that.

Hell, the truth is, this is coming at a bad time as far as my relationship with the Internet as a whole goes, because I am pretty close to saying goodbye to it altogether.

Something that would have been unthinkable ten years ago, when I felt like I was reborn with the Internet. But those days are gone, and they are not coming back.

"Ah, Monk! LOL I think the ship is sinking. The ship is sinking!"

Heh, it sank a long time ago. And this life is a mere illusion.
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"You've gone quiet on me again, Monk."

I know. Pop took over the big room for his Sunday night shows, and I sort of had to stick to business, making a hamburger for my dinner and taking a shower.

I also went looking for more cards on Amazon. I know I just got that dozen-pack, which I haven't even opened yet, but I've come to think I need a third set of cards, aside from the regular red-backs and blue-backs. I play three games and like to keep all the decks on hand to shuffle through them as I am playing a game. So, I could use a third kind of deck, so that I never have to worry about mixing decks inadvertently.

"A man of luxury should be able to scratch every itch."

Well, that's the thing. Cards are fairly cheap. I can splurge a little on this, and so why not do it?

"Why not indeed? Did you find what you wanted?"

I think so. I came across black-back decks of your otherwise standard 808 Rider Backs. I'm going to get a couple of those. When I get them, that's when I'll open up some new decks from that dozen-pack, and start with a whole array of new cards.

"Wow, paradise!"

It's as close as I'll ever get.


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