Feb. 22nd, 2017

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An inspired essay on Trumpism, W. J. T. Mitchell's "American Psychosis: Trumpism and the Nightmare of History", gives us a number of shiny quotations to grab.


"Insanity in individuals is somewhat rare. But in groups, parties, nations, and epochs, it is the rule."

-- Nietzsche

“A single Athenian is a wily fox. A group of Athenians is a flock of sheep.”

-- Solon

"It’s an insult to people who have real mental illness to be lumped with Trump. Most people with mental illness are well-meaning, well-mannered and well-behaved. And Trump is none of these. Trump is bad, not mad. And when bad people are labeled mentally ill, it stigmatizes mental illness."

-- Dr. Allen Frances

"Psychosis is not equivalent to irrationality; it is a much deeper syndrome, one which often puts reason to work. It is a disease of the soul, of character or personality."

-- W. J. T. Mitchell

'As for democracy, perhaps Al Smith was right that “the cure for democracy is more democracy,” although this sounds ominously like a prescription for what Freud called the “compulsion to repeat.” So I would add an asterisk to this prescription. We need more democracy minus the effects of unregulated, predatory capitalism, which degrades the lives of the vast majority and prescribes opioids and religion to ease their pain while blaming it all on immigrants, experts, and the federal government. Let’s get at the taproots of the psychosis in racism and capitalism.'

-- W. J. T. Mitchell



Feb. 22nd, 2017 01:23 pm
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Pop won't pick up the phone on a second set of rings. I see who it is. The ID caller says PROVO UT. I actually get a little excited, like it might be the university finally catching their terrible error of letting such an incredible talent as myself fall by the side of the dehumanizing system: they want me! Six-figure salary, sexy interns, the whole works. Lately, I have been having too many thoughts like these, as though I have regressed to a 1990s mentality. Maybe journaling in my little memo pads is fostering this, or could it be that this return to my 1990s style of journaling itself an effect of whatever regression I have been experiencing - maybe a denial of my old age, my fifties. I turn 52 this spring, and I got to get over the desperate fantasy that I can somehow slip back down to 22 and take another crack at this life thing. ... ... Ann Coulter says, "Even Mexico doesn't want Mexicans." Under the prospect of Trumps massive deportation plans, the Mexican government said it might not play along and accept the deportees back, thus creating a spectre of deportee camps along the border. ... ... Robert Wilson, a fellow Whig: "No one ever forgets, after hearing Mr. Lincoln tell a Story, either the argument of the Story, the Story itself, or the author." [Burlingame] ... ... That cat cry! Just one more day, Sammy. In a pinch, I could have let the cats go out this afternoon, but the back yard is still appreciably marshy. I'm making the strong move, keeping them in for one more night. Actually, they aren't so bad when I am sleeping. It's as though they have come to learn to respect my sleep. I seriously doubt that this is the case, but while the cats may still whine quite a bit in the mornings and evenings, the night is reasonably peaceful. ... ... Jeet Heer: 'I had sent a memo to the Post saying their motto should be "Don't Fuck With Us, Asshole, We Took Down Nixon." But cooler heads prevailed.'


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