Feb. 18th, 2017


Feb. 18th, 2017 05:32 pm
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Senator McCain has been doing a good job of being a Trump-objector on TV, but he keeps voting on everything Trump wants. Owen Ellickson has some fun with McCain, putting these words in his mouth: "The maverick move isn't opposing a nightmare President who mocked your war record, it's SUPPORTING him! Us mavs keep you guessing. I'm playing hardball with Trump. I told him: I'll do everything he wants for one term, maaaybe two. After that, he's on his OWN." ... ... I received my designer Alchemy cards. They are gorgeous, make no mistake about it! However, I am fast coming to the conclusion that I should eschew designer cards. First thing out of the box, I found that I cannot shuffle these cards the way I would like to. Now that I have been initiated into the table riffle and hand riffle shuffles, I never want to go without them. I find these shuffles oddly relaxing, even kind of addicting. These designer cards are like the Italian cards: they are thinner and much slicker. The second problem is that the corner markings are not very reader-friendly. Mind you, this is not as bad as the Elvis cards. After all, this is Bicycle and cards is what they do: they understand the practical requirements of playing cards. However, the markings are a tad smooshed and narrowed. Now, I am sure that anybody within 20, 30 percent of normal vision can read these markings with no problem, but as I am practically purblind, it's a burdensome problem. One doesn't want to have to make the least effort to make out the cards; you want to be able to read them automatically and effortlessly. I cannot do that with these. So, it's just basic Bicycle card from now on, I think. I probably won't even screw around with Bridge cards anymore - just keep it simple! ... ... Speaking of Trump, biographer Michael D'Antonio said, “He thinks confidence is more important than competence and attitude matters more than aptitude.” [NYT]


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