Feb. 15th, 2017


Feb. 15th, 2017 01:25 pm
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At a joint news conference with the Israeli prime minister, Trump said that he does not really care for the two-state solution. You gotta admit, under Trump everyday is a big news day. ... ... In my early morning musings, I thought about how Kelly still comes up in my drowsy quasi-masturbatory bed-humping, and I started thinking more about her as a real, full person, somebody with needs, hopes, sorrows, joys - the center of the universe in her own right. I realized that she would be thirty years old now. Wondering what she might be doing at this very moment, a chill went through me with the thought that the odds are pretty good that she died a long time ago, perhaps by suicide like her stripper friend, unless she got very lucky and received the help she needed to get on track in society. Sure, this makes me feel more guilty about her. In her desperate situation, wandering the streets, I only saw a porn fantasy coming to real life for me, saw a girl I could victimize with impunity. She asked me that night, "What were you thinking when you first saw me?" And I just coldly told her, "A hot piece of ass," before giving it to her again. To my credit, little enough as it is, I got her in touch with an agency, but we still don't do that right as a society, and it was probably from that world that she was trying to escape. She was white and nice-looking, and perhaps figured that she might do better on her own. I'm sorry that I wasn't the answer, and that I couldn't take her shopping like she wanted. I'm really sorry that, in the last moment, I couldn't even part with that twenty-dollar bill that I kept in my pocket. She probably would have liked to buy something to eat at that convenience store. Of course, I hope she is one of the lucky ones, and has a decent husband, and kids that love her, a nice home. ... ... Speaking of President Kennedy, Marilyn Monroe said, "I think I made his back feel better." [George Will, "One Man's America"]


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