Feb. 7th, 2017


Feb. 7th, 2017 03:43 pm
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Maureen Dowd: 'But like Ramsay Bolton, Trump shockingly and quickly flayed Jeb Bush. "And low energy, that term just hit, it's amazing," Trump boasted to me, sounding as feral as the Game of Thrones fiend. "It was over. That thing, that was a one-day kill. Words are beautiful."' [Year of Voting Dangerously] ... ... Daimon says, "You don't seem to be making many personal notes these days." Yeah, I suppose I am out of the blurty mood. It doesn't feel meaningful to me now to jot down how cute my cat looks when she stretches in the light of the morning sun breaking through the window, or about my pornographic interests and masturbatory habits, or what I am eating or watching on TV. I feel the full banality of it, and just the thought of writing down something like that sickens me a little. This personal sort of journaling, of course, has long seemed to come to me in the pendulum-like swings of mood. I guess that I am just tired of it now, and I imagine that the time will come, maybe in a few months, when I will feel like 'talking' more and will have no trouble ranting about how sorry these TV dinners are and all such exciting fare that makes up my day-to-day existence. Only my reading life feels a little lively, and so I am back to strictly quote-mongering. And I just feel like going with the flow and not fighting it. And it's not like I feel particularly bad or depressed. I am just pretty comfortable in my insignificance and in my routines. I am kind of on automatic pilot. "You're just chillin'" LOL More or less. ... ... In my current passion for essays, I decided to hunt up that old essay in my "Columbia History of the World" about the imminent fall of our current civilization. One has to remember that it's an old book from 1972, when it might have looked like all the protesters of that era might just succeed in pulling down the whole show. The editor, discussing the innate drive to 'start over' imaginatively quotes "the Chieftain from the North": "I feel something within me that compels me to burn Rome." ... ... Wow, the Republicans in the Senate just voted to muzzle Senator Elizabeth Warren for calling Senator Sessions out on his racism during the floor debate over his nomination to become Attorney General. Well, it has been that kind of political season, and they are no doubt just warming up.


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