Feb. 5th, 2017


Feb. 5th, 2017 05:55 pm
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Superbowl Sunday. The Cowboys got weeded out, but Pop is still tuning in to the game in the big room. He might not really be that interested in the game, but he does not take the big room often, and I have a feeling he will just enjoy snacking and talking on the phone as the game airs in the background. I saved all my news harvesting for game time. I also held off on a shower last night, so that I can use this time to take care of that. So, this Superbowl evening should go a little fast for me. ... ... Maureen Dowd, citing Glenn Thrush of "Politico" : 'Obama's 2008 win was a vivid reflection of changing demographics, a moment for many to celebrate that America is no longer a country that will be run by a clique of white, Protestant men. But as Thrush notes, Obama's "blackness was disruptive in a deep psychic way even for people who aren't overtly racist. There's a sense that he doesn't look like the people on the coins." [Year of Voting Dangerously] ... ... Salo Flohr: "Chess, like love, is infectious at any age." Pi asks, "So, how is your chess revival working out for you?" Not bad. It passed the first major obstacle: it didn't die on its first morning. Seriously, I strongly suspected that I would quit again before my hunger pangs for lunch would kick in. but, no, I am still game for some more. It helps that my contrast is with what it would feel like just playing more Solitaire. I really like having something a bit richer to chew on during my reading breaks, instead of just building cards up or down in suit. The trick, I think, is to keep from becoming overwhelmed and depressed by the fact that chess is such a vast little universe that I will never do more than scratch the surface of it. As with literature and philosophy, I need to accept that I will never be good enough to be considered a serious student, and simply appreciate that it just happens to interest me more than anything else I can pursue, this being all the more true with respect to chess since it's just a marginal interest, giving at most to it thirty minutes of the day. "So, don't you want to ask me about my day?" I really and honestly wish that I could, but I am afraid that my writing is a lot like my chess: just a marginal interest. I am afraid that our conversations will ever only seem so authentic. "You are just using me!" LOL As much as I am able.


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