Jan. 23rd, 2017


Jan. 23rd, 2017 10:57 am
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That's not encouraging. The secured log-in page is not working on LiveJournal. Remember, their servers are now in Russia. Although this could be just my paranoiac energy getting stirred up, it is tempting to think that they just want a freer shot at our passwords. I am not inclined to log in today, and I'll just see what happens tomorrow. But it reminds me that none of this Internet stuff is all that secure. I mean, hell, even the government cannot keep others from mining its most secret stuff. More personally, I have lost at least a thousand journal entries when Blurty closed up shop, and we are talking about the good years, the golden years, when I had a social life of sorts, at least online. Poof! just gone. Of course, there is a slight chance that I might get those back yet. The site has not disappeared into a black hole in cyberspace in the way that GreatestJournal did, but I wouldn't bet money on seeing any of that material again. ... When I first got online, I had better sense about how secure one ought to feel about stuff on the Internet. When I first started posting at Blurty, my policy was to make a hard copy of everything that I put online. I didn't like not having my personal journal entries with me and as something that I can actually hold in my hands. I had no trust whatsoever in my journal being taken care of who-knows-where in some kind of electrical form. As I recall, the main reason why I stopped was the anxiety I felt about having my family looking through my papers. Now I rather regret not sticking with that policy. Though, I have not resumed it, not so much on account of my family, but out of laziness, willing to play happy-go-lucky. And what does it really matter anyway, right? It's all shit. Even all the old discussions that I treasure are with people who ultimately could not really care for me anyway. I am merely cherishing an illusion of friendship and affection. ... ... Schopenhauer: 'The prayer "Lead me not into temptation" means "Let me not see who I am".' [World as Will and Representation] ... ... I came across a mention of the old TV show "The Wild Wild West", and it awoke a hankering to see it. There is a DVD set for the whole series, which apparently lasted for four seasons. I don't have the kind of money to shell out 50 bucks for it, but it has got me thinking about getting into a TV series again. Lately, I've been trying YouTube's classical music to keep me entertained during my meals, but I seem to need some sort of scripted narrative show. The problem is that all shows that last beyond a season inevitably fall into a good deal of silliness that is hard to sit through, but maybe that is the price one must pay to be taken away for 50 hours or so for some fantasy land. Of course, "Wild Wild West" is silly from the get-go, and I kind of wonder if I would be able to stand the show today. Right now, the debate in my head is between "Breaking Bad" and "Chuck". Since I have the Chuck DVDs, I will probably go with "Breaking Bad", since I cannot be sure when Pop might decide to cut Netflix from our budget. ... ... Richard Pryor: "I can walk two blocks down the street and see funny things, comical happenings all around me. Now, I can put these local, human, real things into a skit, and they come out funny." [Scott Saul, "Becoming Richard Pryor"] ... ... I like this Amazon review for a penguin puzzle: "This is a very difficult puzzle! Obviously the sky and ice don't give too many visual cues, but most difficult is that the pieces are *very* regularly shaped. Only the over-70 set in our household had the patience for the puzzle. The penguin-loving 11-year-old, overconfident 9-year-old, and harried 40+-year-olds have participated in other 1000-piece difficult family puzzles in the past, but this was in another league. The grandparents did eventually finish. Consider yourself warned!"


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