Jan. 8th, 2017


Jan. 8th, 2017 11:12 am
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I have just poured the milk on my cereal and am about to eat when Ash vomits on the carpet. "Is that how you show your love to me?" I also learned that I should stick to Purina's "Complete" cat food. I tried Frisky again. It looks better. Some of the kibble is a nice bright red color and seems therefore richer, and I think Ash was enjoying it more. However, I now see that that red dye makes for a more durable stain, maybe permanent (even after being chewed, swallowed, and vomited back up), kind of like blood, I guess. Grocery Day is still five days away. I hope she doesn't have to throw up a lot before then. ... ... A Times articles on how bad sugar is for you. When asked what amount is alright, they come back, "How many cigarettes are too many cigarettes? What if the person who smoked a pack a week outlived the person who smoked a pack a day? Would we conclude that inhaling a pack of cigarettes a week is safe?" I was fucked from the beginning, like a lot of Americans, left to take the easy, cheap thrill in life. And now we are fat and unhealthy. [NYT] ... ... Tweet: "It's a mistake to think a Trump administration will be shamed by any scandal into taking corrective action. The old rules are gone." ... ... Andrew J. Webber: "The favored scene for the leitmotif of illicit desire is the sea. It seems destined to act as a backcloth, partly for reasons of biography and social history. Mann and his social like resort to the seaside in a regular, ritual fashion as a space which affords freedom from socialization and workaday constraints. It provides a certain degree of openness and license for the body, and makes a spectacle of the body's exposure for anybody willing to view. It is, in other words, a sort of carnival space, its irregular freedoms available only as a regulated counterpoint to social order." [Cambridge Companion to Thomas Mann] ... ... In his "Days of Rage", Bryan Burrough has a great line for one militant radical: "To say Ray Levasseur was an angry young man is like saying Mozart could play the piano." ... ... I finally got around to separating out my two decks of standard Bicycle cards that I had been using for Spider, and I am just going to stash them away for need in case of an emergency. That leaves me with six decks to play around with, including the two porno decks. I am not hurting for cards anymore. And I still have two decks of Elvis cards coming in. I am still hungry for more, though. I want a Peanuts deck. Their last movie rekindled my old love for Charlie, Snoopy, and the gang. I'd love a Marilyn Monroe deck, not to mention a couple of Bicycle's designer fare. Since my porno decks are twenty years old, and it shows, I also actually need some more nudie decks. Money is my limiting factor. I need a puzzle first, in addition to a couple of books along the way, no doubt.


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