Jan. 6th, 2017


Jan. 6th, 2017 08:26 am
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35 fucking degrees, my god! I knew we were expected to get freezing temperatures over the weekend, but I didn't think it was going to get this cold this fast. Since I am up, I am willing to let the cats go out, but this would be a horrible day to get lost out there. I hope they don't feel particularly adventurous. ... No, the cats got a taste of that weather and rushed back in the house. ... ... Rachel Cusk: "I wonder how many writers are also bibliophiles, because I’m certainly not. I treat my books like I treat my shoes: The more I love them, the shoddier they become." [NYT] ... ... So that's why Dreamwidth got a big influx of new members. LiveJournal has recently moved all of its serves to Moscow. Most of the escapees are Russians and Ukrainians. ... ... "Make it back, my loves." I've let the cats out. It's only 4:30, but I am scared of them getting a little adventurous and getting lost - this is not the weather for it. The temperature climbed to 40 degrees but then fell back to 39. This is going to be the last time I let them go today. The temperature is expected to drop into the twenties tonight - what they call a hard freeze. ... ... St. Augustine: "If we were animals, we should love carnal life and what conforms to its meaning. For us this would be enough of a good, and accordingly we should demand nothing more, if all was well for us. Likewise, if we were trees, we should not feel or aspire to anything by movement, but yet we should seem to desire that by which we should be more fertile and bear more abundant fruits. If we were stones, or floods, or wind, or flame or anything of the kind, without any consciousness and life, we should still not lack, so to speak, a certain longing for our position and order. For it is, so to speak, a desire that is decisive for the weight of bodies, whether by virtue of heaviness they tend downwards, or by virtue of lightness upwards. For the body is driven whither it is driven by its weight, precisely as the spirit is impelled by desire." [The World as Will and Representation] ... ... Speaking on the decline of the underground and a proposal to revive it with a new bombing campaign, Russell Neufeld said, "We have to wake up and realize we are not going to be Ho Chi Minh." [Days of Rage] ... ... I've been browsing through puzzles again. It started when I was checking out another YouTube video on gluing and framing them. The guy doing the presentation mentioned Ravensburger puzzles, which can have tens of thousands of pieces. I was never tempted - at this point in my jigsaw-puzzler career, I cannot see myself going beyond a thousand pieces - but I wanted to see it on Amazon, and then it was hard to quit looking at puzzles, particularly as I discovered whole new caches of puzzles at Amazon that I had not seen before. Funny thing, though, as I was looking at Elvis puzzles, I came across Elvis playing cards, and I couldn't resist getting a dual-deck for twenty dollars (and, get this, it also comes with a tin case!), though this did about tap me out. This means that I will have no choice now but to wait until February to begin another puzzle. ... ... Pi says, "You are so chilly cold, yet you are still sucking on ice cubes." I hate to see ice go to waste.


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