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Schopenhauer: "Kant's style bears throughout the stamp of a superior mind, a genuine, strong individuality, and a quite extraordinary power of thought. Its characteristic quality can perhaps be appropriately described as a brilliant dryness." [World as Will and Representation] If you ever tried to read Kant, you have to laugh out loud. ... ... I am glad I didn't pay to see "Vice", starring Bruce Willis. They didn't play up the sexploitative angle of abusing human-like robots in a virtual fantasy land, nor did they bother constructing compelling characters and stories. However, it does look like it might have been very influential in the development of the HBO series "Westworld", about a woman sedx-robot who holds on to some of her memories and becomes conscious. Naturally, I wish we could play with some of these ideas and themes in an adult and escapist way, yes, in a macho high-testosterone sort of way, but I guess a guy has to be satisfied with the little peeks into what such fare might look like that these shows do provide to spark up our interest. ... ... Alan Lightman: 'For years Einstein had insisted, like Aristotle and Newton before him, that the universe was a magnificent and immortal cathedral, fixed for all eternity. In this picture, time runs from the infinite past to the infinite future, and little changes in between. When a prominent Belgian scientist proposed in 1927 that the universe was growing like an expanding balloon, Einstein pronounced the idea “abominable.”' [Harper's] ... ... Abraham Joshua Heschel, Jewish theologian: “I asked for wonders instead of happiness, Lord. And you gave them to me.” [The American Scholar] ... ... Former CIA chief, Michael V. Hayden: "Trump is Russia’s useful fool." I guess 'idiot' would sound too harsh and emotional, whereas 'fool' comes across as being a little sympathetic toward Trump while being dead-on accurate. ... ... I posted a cartoon in which a Republican elephant is gloating that they have control over all of the federal government, only to lament in the last panel that they also now lack having anyone to blame for the problems to come. Hindustar comments, "LOL No one to blame but they are going to blame liberals anyway." I said, "Yup, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Chief Justice Earl Warren are at the root of all of America's ungreatness!" ... ... Ana Marie Cox: ""The most unpopular thing about Obamacare among peoople who voted for Trump is that it's called Obamacare." ... ... Schopenhauer: "Hence we get the strange fact that everyone considers himself to be a priori quite free, even in his individual actions, and imagines he can at any moment enter upon a different way of life, which is equivalent to saying that he can become a different person. But a posteriori through experience, he finds to his astonishment that he is not free, but liable to necessity; that notwithstanding all his resolutions and reflections he does not change his conduct, and that from the beginning to the end of his life he must bear the same character that he himself condemns, and, as it were, must play to the end the part he has taken upon himself." [World]


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